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Ed Hamlin, Ph.D., BCA

Dr. Ed Hamlin is a psychologist and the Clinical Director of the Institute for Applied Neuroscience in Asheville, North Carolina. He has taught at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and at Duke University and currently holds an adjunct faculty position as Professor at Western Carolina University and Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of North Carolina Medical Center. In addition to his clinical work, he conducts research and presents workshops regarding applied neuroscience and brain/mind relationships. He serves as a consultant and supervisor for the clinical staff at a number of facilities throughout the world. He has practiced neurofeedback and applied psychophysiology since the mid-1980s and has taught and utilized these techniques in a variety of settings. He has a particular interest in neuroplasticity and the potential for changing maladaptive brain organization patterns. His current research projects involve examining the impact of early abuse and neglect on the developing brain and examining the brain activity in people with eating disorders.








Mary Ammerman, Psy.D., BCA

Mary Ammerman earned her undergraduate degrees in English and Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. She believes that all people possess both the power and the ability to heal themselves. To assist with this process, she uses a combination of mindfulness cognitive skills training, acceptance and commitment therapy, EEG brainwave biofeedback, applied neuroscience, warmth, and humor in her practice. Dr. Ammerman also co- teaches introductory neurofeedback courses with Dr. Hamlin and mentors other EEG biofeedback providers throughout the U.S and Canada.





Steve Gold, Ph.D.

After earning his doctorate at Purdue in 1969, Dr. Steve Gold worked for nine years in residential treatment. The first three years he specialized in working with children and the last six he worked with drug abusing adolescents. To escape the demands of adolescents, he turned to teaching psychology. He taught for 12 years at Western Carolina University and then 12 years at Northern Illinois University, where he was Director of Clinical Training. After moving from Illinois to North Carolina in 2001, he began working in private practice with his good friend Ed Hamlin. For the past 16 years he has been doing individual and couples therapy. When he's not seeing clients, he enjoys running and horseback riding.










Christie Dillard, M.S., LPC



Christie earned a BA in Psychology from UNCA before completing her MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Western Carolina University. She began her work experience at the Institute for Applied Neuroscience by providing individual psychotherapy as well as biofeedback and neurofeedback to adults and adolescents. She also has experience working in an adult residential community where she counseled people with substance use disorders. At this facility, she provided both individual and group sessions where she was able to utilize nature therapy and incorporated spirituality and connectedness into her work with clients. In addition, she really enjoys sharing her passion for neurofeedback with others as an assistant trainer in the Introductory Neurofeedback course offered at IAN. Her genuine nature and compassion for others are strengths Christie brings to the counseling relationship. She uses a humanistic and client-centered approach in which the client and counselor work collaboratively towards the client’s identified goals. She uses an integrative method, including cognitive behavioral therapy, solution-focused, reality therapy, positive psychotherapy, biofeedback, EEG neurofeedback, and mindfulness training. She believes in a holistic approach that deals with the mind, body, and soul of her client. Working collaboratively with her clients allows for the counseling relationship to be client driven. In addition, she believes that clients will gain self-acceptance and self-awareness by sorting through moods, attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors that may be prohibiting their ability to experience contentment in life. Having lived in Asheville since 1999, she has really grown to appreciate Asheville’s eclectic and diverse atmosphere. In her free time she enjoys hiking or eating out at one of the local restaurants with her family.




Illysa Hamlin, B.A.


Illysa Hamlin graduated from University of North Carolina at Asheville in 2007. She began working for the clinic in 2011 doing neurofeedback and Quantitative EEGs. She has been a significant part in the reserach with Dr. Ed Hamlin of eating disorders conducted through Avalon Hills in Logan, Utah. This work utilizes QEEGs to analyze and help recognize trends, as well as looks at the benefit of using neurofeedback in treatment settings. Outside of the office, she stays busy teaching dance classes and fitness courses, and enjoys regular TexMex outings with her husband.












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