Our Clinical Services

Individual Psychotherapy

IAN has several licensed psychologists who provide individual psychotherapy through multiple approaches in order to help people make healthy changes so that they can live their best lives.

Insurances Accepted: Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Bright, Cigna, EAN, Humana, Humana Military, Medcost, Medicare (this does not include Medicaid), Optum VA, and UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus ONLY.

We do not accept any additional plans through UnitedHealthcare except this commercial plan. If you are unsure what plan you have, feel free to reach out and the front desk can help you find out which plan it is.


(Brainwave Biofeedback) Neurofeedback is an advanced form of biofeedback that allows a client to see and train his/her brainwaves to cultivate efficient patterns of EEG activity. Since all behaviors, sensations, and emotions are based on brainwave functioning, neurofeedback training can help people learn to reduce stress and stress-related symptoms, regulate their emotions more effectively, improve their focus, concentration, and performance, and in many cases reduce or eliminate the need for medications for a variety of disorders. Neurofeedback is essentially a form of exercise for the brain that enhances the flexibility and stability of the EEG. 



Interior Design for the Soul: Redecorate Your Inner Space

Your private, inner world is a virtual reality constructed from perceptions of yourself and your environment. In a well-intended effort to ensure survival, the human brain naturally emphasizes negative information in its awareness, frequently making one’s inner space a difficult place in which to live. Advances in neuroscience have confirmed what ancient wisdom traditions already knew - that specific skills are necessary to create a safe, supportive, and kind internal dwelling place. Doing so expands our emotional resiliency, better equipping us to maintain loving relationships and successfully navigate the challenges of the external world. Retreat participants will spend the weekend in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, learning the neuroscience behind why these self-regulation strategies work, and have multiple opportunities to practice them with physiological feedback reflecting their progress.

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